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This is my first time posting here....so bare with me.

Anyways...Lately I things have been going great for me, but when I start to think about how great it is, I get this feeling that everything is going to just....fall apart and go wrong.Then that makes me stressed and depressed. Which sucks. Sometimes I just don't know what to do anymore.

For instance, I've known this guy for a long time (4 years or so) and never realized how great of a person he is. Now that I realize it and told him how I felt, we've been hanging out alot and things are looking up. I know he feels the same but his psycho ex just so happens to be an old friend of mine who doesnt like me very much. Now that she is aware of whats going on...she's trying to get between us. And it sucks. I just dont know what to do in scenarios like this.
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May 3 2005, 00:52:40 UTC 12 years ago

cheer up emo kid